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Hydram Sheet Metalwork is one of the UK’s largest metal fabrication companies, delivering metal components and fabrications to many different industries throughout the UK and Europe.

The sheet metal subcontractor has proven expertise in subcontract metal fabrication and manufacture of metalwork components and sub-assemblies for military vehicle applications supplied to the defence sector.  It adhears to the stringent quality requirements of the defence engineering industry, supplying precision sheet metal fabrications on a subcontract basis.

Hydram is a JOSCAR accredited defence subcontractor reflecting the supplier’s commitment to excellence, transparency, and customer satisfaction as it continues to provide accredited metal fabrications and precision sheet metalwork for the defence sector.

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Subcontract Metal Fabrication Supplier

Fabrication supplier Hydram provides prime contractors with sub-assemblies and precision metal fabrications for various military vehicles, military HVAC systems and heat shield products.  The metalwork company has a full understanding of the stringent quality and security requirements of the defence engineering sector and has achieved JOSCAR and Cyber Essentials accreditation.

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JOSCAR accredited metal fabrications

JOSCAR Accredited Fabrication Subcontractor

Recognition by JOSCAR underscores Hydram’s commitment to excellence, transparency, and reliability, specifically in the defence, aerospace, and security sectors.  JOSCAR, the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register, is a database of companies maintained by Hellios Information Ltd, designed to streamline supplier qualification and enhance transparency within those critical industries.  As a robust accreditation system, it serves as a single source of information for buyers and suppliers.  Hydram became a JOSCAR accredited defence subcontractor in 2022.

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High Quality Metalwork Supplier

Sheet metal fabricator Hydram also supplies metal products, components and fabrications to world leaders in various industry sectors, manufacturing components for commercial and civil projects, trains and different types of vehicles.  Approved suppliers are used to provide quality raw materials and full material traceability is maintained throughout the manufacturing process.

Completed sheet metal fabrications can be powder coated or wet painted to meet exact customer standards for corrosion resistance.  To achieve this, a three-stage or five-and-a-half-stage (depending on the size of the product) pre-treatment processes is employed, to ensure full degreasing and chemically-coating before painting.

Hydram can be found in The British Defence Industry Directory (BDID).

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Quality certification

Defence subcontractor Hydram Sheet Metalwork is certified to the following quality standards:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard
  • ISO 3834-2 Welding Standard
  • BS EN 15085-2 CL1 CWRVC Welding Standard
  • EN 17460 / DIN 6701 standard for adhesive bonding in rail industry
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Standard.
  • Cyber Essentials Accreditation

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Defence Subcontractor | Fabrication | Metalwork

Sheet metal manufacturer Hydram has been supplying metal products, metal components and precision sheet metal fabrications from its 135,000 square foot facility in County Durham, UK since 1977.

The JOSCAR accredited sheet metal subcontractor supplies leading companies in several industry sectors ranging from the UK’s rail network to large off-highway earth-moving vehicles and its broad range of experience and expertise is particularly relevant to the defence sector.

Defence subcontractor Hydram has proven expertise in metal fabrication and assembly of precision sheet metalwork components for some of the most demanding armored military vehicle applications.

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