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Metal Components Manufactured for HVAC Systems

Hydram Sheet Metalwork manufactures metal boxes, metal cabinets and metal enclosures for many industries, from printing presses to electronic and scientific applications, including components for HVAC Systems and equipment.

As a precision metalwork fabrication supplier, Hydram has expertise and experience manufacturing painted custom sheet metal panels and metal brackets for both the interior and exterior of heat-pumps, heating boilers, air-conditioning units, chillers and ventilation systems.

With decades of experience manufacturing with sheet metal, with comprehensive quality accreditation, Hydram is a preferred HVAC equipment components manufacturer.

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Precision Sheet Metalwork Supplier

Hydram Sheet Metalwork, fabricates metal products ranging from relatively simple boxes to integrated units containing up to 200 subparts including metal components for HVAC systems.

Hydram offers comprehensive metalworking facilities on-site from sheet metal profiling, including laser cutting and CNC punching, presswork (up to 200 tonnes), metal forming, spot welding, stud welding, PEM inserting and powder coating, making this metalwork supplier ideal for HVAC equipment manufactures looking for a supply-chain partner.

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HVAC equipment components

HVAC Equipment Components Manufacturer

Precision sheet metal component manufacturer Hydram carries out specialist powder paint and wet paint processes to meet customer standards.  Depending on the component’s size, parts pass through either a three-stage or five-and-a-half-stage pre-treatment process to ensure that they are fully degreased and chemically-coated for maximum paint adhesion, which is particularly important for HVAC systems in harsh environments.

Hydram also offers silk screen printing and can apply product brand labelling so that the finished metal components are supplied complete.  Complete metal products are packaged to customers’ requirements ready for delivery to end users.  Hydram’s customers are also able outsource some of their assembly tasks, allowing them to free-up their space and resources.

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Quality certification

HVAC components manufacturer Hydram is certified to the following quality standards:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard
  • ISO 3834-2 Welding Standard
  • BS EN 15085-2 CL1 CWRVC Welding Standard
  • DIN 6701 standard for adhesive bonding in rail industry
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Standard.

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HVAC Metal Components Manufacture

Manufacturing complex metal enclosures and assemblies, including those used in HVAC equipment, is managed by production and capacity planning software to ensure that tight schedules are met and all subparts are completed in time to be ready for final assembly.

With metal parts and metal panels manufactured for the interior and exterior of heat-pumps, heating boilers, air-conditioning units, chillers and ventilation systems, Hydram is an expert in manufacturing HVAC system products.

Hydram Sheet Metalwork

Established in 1977, and employing over 200 people in its factory in County Durham, Hydram Sheet Metalwork is one of the largest metal manufacturing companies in the UK.

Hydram supplies metal products, metal components and precision sheet metal fabrications to market leading companies in industry sectors such as rail, bus, lighting, furniture, earth-moving machinery, defence and HVAC equipment, within the UK and Europe.

With customers in such a range of industries, Hydram has a wealth of experience and expertise to offer, particularly in the HVAC equipment components  market.

If you have a requirement for metal parts supplied on a subcontract basis, please contact our sales engineers who will be happy to discuss the assistance we can offer manufacturing HVAC products.