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Sheet Metalwork Subcontractor:  Subcontract Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Metal Profiling Techniques

Subcontract Sheet Metalwork Services

Sheet metalwork subcontractor, Hydram Sheet Metalwork is a leading supplier of precision sheet metal components and fabrications in the UK, offers an extensive range of subcontract sheet metal fabrication services.

Hydram’s services include sheet metal profiling, sheet metal forming, fabrication and welding, and powder coating.

Hydram offers fully assembled sheet metal fabrications such as cabinets, enclosures and complete assemblies.

sheet metalwork subcontractor

Hydram – Sheet Metal Subcontractor

With multiple ISO accreditations, Hydram aims for maximum productivity, quality, and excellent service by working closely with customers to establish long-term partnerships.  The subcontractor supplies metal products, components and precision sheet metal fabrications to market leading companies in industries such as railway, public transport, lighting, furniture, earth-moving machinery/off-highway vehicles and white goods.

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