JOSCAR Accredited Sheet Metal Fabricator

Ensuring Excellence in Defence and Aerospace Supply Chains

North East sheet metal fabricator Hydram Engineering is proud to announce the achievement of JOSCAR accreditation for a second year, and continues as a JOSCAR accredited fabricator.

Hydram was established in 1977 with excellent customer service as its founding principle, and over more than 40 years it has earned the trust of its customers to grow to be one of the UK’s largest sheet metal manufacturing companies.  It has also gained and maintained accreditation from numerous bodies including ISO, BS EN and DIN which evidence its continued dedication to standards, compliance, and improvement.


Recognition by JOSCAR underscores Hydram’s commitment to excellence, transparency, and reliability, specifically in the defence, aerospace, and security sectors.  JOSCAR, the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register, is a database of companies maintained by Hellios Information Ltd, designed to streamline supplier qualification and enhance transparency within those critical industries.  As a robust accreditation system, it serves as a single source of information for buyers and suppliers, and provides comprehensive insights into third-party risk.

Why JOSCAR Matters

On Hydram’s achievement, Business Development Manager, Joanne Farms commented, “We do a lot of supplier audits for our customers, in addition to the regular ISO renewals, and we have identified that sectors, such as defence and the rail industry, have started to use the likes of the JOSCAR and IRIS schemes respectively to make the audit process more efficient.”

As buyers from major defence organisations recognise JOSCAR as a reliable benchmark, covering a whole gamut of metrics from financial status to legal compliance, the procurement process is simplified, shortening the timescales involved.

“Instead of navigating multiple questionnaires and compliance checks, buyers can now access our pre-qualified profile instantly.  With JOSCAR accreditation, we’ve demonstrated our compliance with stringent standards, and made it easier for prime contractors to deal with us with confidence,” finishes Joanne.

JOSCAR Customer Benefits

To summarise, there are three direct benefits to Hydram’s JOSCAR supplier accreditation:

• Assured Quality: Customers can rely on the products and services Hydram provide, knowing they come from a JOSCAR-accredited supplier.

• Faster Transactions: Procurement processes are streamlined, resulting in quicker transactions.

• Risk Mitigation: JOSCAR accreditation minimizes supply chain risks, safeguarding project timelines.

JOSCAR Accredited Fabricator

JOSCAR accreditation reflects Hydram’s commitment to excellence, transparency, and customer satisfaction as it continues to provide accredited metal fabrications and precision sheet metalwork for the defence sector. For enquiries or further information, please contact our JOSCAR-accredited team.

You can find out more details about JOSCAR here

More About Hydram Sheet Metalwork

Established in 1977, and employing over 200 people in its 135,000 square foot facility, Hydram Sheet Metalwork is one of the largest sheet metal fabrication companies in Europe.

Hydram supplies metal products, metal components and precision sheet metal fabrication services to market leading companies in industry sectors such as rail, bus, lighting, furniture, earth-moving machinery and white goods within the UK and Europe.

Hydram Sheet Metalwork adhears to the stringent quality requirements of the defence engineering sector, supplying JOSCAR accreditated precision sheet metal fabrications on a subcontract basis.

With customers in such a range of industries, Hydram has a wealth of experience and expertise to offer.

Precision sheet metal JOSCAR accredited fabricator

Defence fabrication supplier Hydram provides prime contractors with sub-assemblies and precision metal fabrications for various military vehicles, military HVAC systems and heat shield products.

JOSCAR accredited sheet metal fabricator Hydram also supplies metal products, components, and fabrications to world leaders in the aerospace sector and in the manufacture of components for commercial and civil projects, aircraft and vehicles.

Approved suppliers are used to provide quality raw materials and full material traceability is maintained throughout manufacture.

Hydram can be found in The British Defence Industry Directory (BDID).

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