Metal Furniture Manufacturer

Metal Fabrication Company

Hydram Sheet Metalwork partners with some of the biggest names in the corporate office furniture manufacture industry, supplying metal fabrications, assemblies and metal parts for desks, tables and chairs.  Hydram also works with shopfitting companies to supply brackets, display stands and bunkers.

As one of the largest UK sheet metalwork fabrication companies, Hydram has the capability and facilities to manufacture metal components and fabrications to suit many industries.  Many furniture fabrications are made from steel tube, and Hydram has steel tube laser cutting and CNC tube bending machines to enable accurate and repeatable tubular designs to be produced efficiently.

With laser cutting of sheet steel and CNC panel bending on site, Hydram is equipped to manufacture components for metal furniture with intricate and attractive designs.  Robotic MIG welding is available to allow maximum efficiency on larger production volumes.

Fabricated components for metal furniture are painted using powder coating facilities on-site.  Hydram has four paint plants allowing parts as long as 3 metres to coated with a range different paint colours and textures.  All parts are chemically pre-treated to fully degrease and chemically-coat prior to painting which maximises paint adhesion on metal furniture fabrications.

With full quality and associated ISO accreditations, Hydram is one of the UK’s leading sheet metalwork fabrication companies with experience supplying metal fabrications to the furniture manufacturing industry.

Metal frame office furniture

Metal Manufacture for Furniture and Shopfitting

Fabrication company Hydram Sheet Metalwork is a manufacturer of metal components ranging from brackets and tubular pieces to fully painted and assembled fabrications used in chairs, benches and tables.  Hydram also supply to the shopfitting industry, making bunkers and display stands for newspapers and magazines, for in store and garage forecourt environments.   Finished and painted metal fabrications manufactured by Hydram can be found in furniture from corporate offices, high street shops, schools and leisure complexes.

fabricated metal furniture

Fabricated Tubular Structures for Furniture Manufacture

The manufacture of street, cloakroom and office furniture such as tables, benches and chairs, makes use of Hydram’s tube cutting laser and tube bending facilities allowing complex tubular structures to be fabricated with minimal welding.  This quicker manufacturing technique results in cheaper, stronger and higher quality tubular fabrications, which Hydram can supply fully painted using highly durable powder coating.

fabricated metal furniture

Durable Painting using Powder Coating

Many of Hydram’s fabrications are supplied with a highly durable paint applied using the powder coating technique.  As one of the UK’s top sheet metal fabrication companies, Hydram has four paint plant facilities allowing parts as long as 3 metres to be powder coated with various colours and texture finishes as required by customers.  Three of these paint plants use and automated overhead conveyor for processing parts on a continuous process, which includes part wash and pre-treatment, drying and automatic powder application, to the final cure oven, where parts are stoved at the controlled temperatures and durations.

Metal Fabrication For Furniture and Shopfitting

Metal fabrication supplier Hydram has been providing metal products, metal components and precision sheet metal fabrications from its 135,000 square foot facility in County Durham, UK since 1977.

Supplying metalwork to many industries, Hydram has a broad range of experience and expertise to offer, particularly in tubular steel fabrications, and other subcontract metalwork services.

Complete sheet metal fabrications can be powder coated or wet painted to meet exact customer standards for corrosion resistance in one of four powder coating facilities on site.

Hydram Sheet Metalwork is one of the top sheet metal fabrication companies in the UK and is proud to supply customers in the metal furniture and shopfitting industries.  Contact our customer team to find out how we can help with your sheet metal fabrication project.