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Sheet Metal Panel Bending

Panel bending is one of the many methods of sheet metal bending that Hydram Sheet Metalwork offers from its site in County Durham.  This technique is particularly suited to producing rectangular panels with folded returns along each side, like trays, although it is not limited to this type of part.

Larger panels of up to 2180 mm bend width can be processed without manual handling, and the automated nature of the process lends itself to efficint processing of larger batches.  Smaller batches can also be handled due to the very short setup times between products.

Hydram has a full range of precision metal panel bending facilities including multi-axis press brake machines, automated CNC Salvagnini P4 panel bender and NC rolling machines.

Panel bending is just one of the wide range of fabrication services offered by this UK metal manufacturer, which include laser cutting sheet metal, sheet metal punching, metal fabrication and welding, and powder coating.

metal panel bending

Salvagnini Panel Bender – Sheet Metal Panel Manufacture

Hydram uses a Salvagnini P4Ee 2116 panel bending machine for efficient manufacture of sheet metal panels.  Instead of using a punch and die for metal folding on a pressbrake (see how sheet metal bending works), the panel bender uses a combination of a powered blade and a clamping mechanism to manipulate the sheet metal.  The whole process is CNC controlled with parts loaded and unloaded automatically.  The Salvagnini panel bending machine can process panels up to a maximum of 2180mm long and form bends up to 165 mm high in metals from 0.7 to 3mm.

salvagnini panel bender

How Does Panel Bending Work?

The panel bending process is completely automatic – a robotic manipulator positions and rotates the sheet metal blank (see metal profiling) within the clamping mechanism, before the powered blade moves into position to wipe the material up or down to form the bend.  Different bend widths within the same part cycle are accomodated by the automatic adjustment of the segments of the upper clamping mechanism.  Multiple orientations, radii and angles are also possible within the same part cycle.  Programming is performed off-line using CAD CAM software, and can contain many different bend features.  The CNC control will complete the cycle by delivering the completed part to the operator through a safety door, before automatically collecting the next blank.

metal panel bender

Automated Panel Bending Benefits

The major selling point of the Salvagnini panel bender is that automatic tool changing means that there is zero set-up time.  The machine’s ability to switch from one job to the next in seconds makes it such an ideal machine for a precision metal fabrication supplier such as Hydram.

The automated metal panel bending process makes it particularly suitable for manufacturing larger batches of panels, although the short set-up times afforded by being able to change product type without having to change tools results in an efficiencies with small batches too.

When it comes to sheet metal panel bending and metal panel manufacturing the Salvagnini P4Xe is a particularly versatile machine.

Sheet metal design

Sheet Metal Component Design

To assist in component design, Hydram has an advanced 3D CAD CAM system to develop complex folded panels and to 3D model multi-part assemblies.  CNC programs for the Salvagnini can be generated quickly offline and are stored electronically for future use.  Hydram has the full range of metal forming facilities including sheet metal folding with press brakes, automated panel bending and CNC rolling.  Combined with metal profiling, welding and fabrication, and powder coating, Hydram offers a complete sheet metal fabrication solution.  Panel bending is just part of Hydram’s precision sheet metal fabrication business.

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Metal components made by tube bending

Tube Bending

In addition to sheet metal panel bending, metal fabricator Hydram offers tube bending to complement its tube laser cutting service.  With CNC tube bending machinery offering variable radii and bend orientation, the process is repeatable and efficient, offering a complete tube fabrication solution.

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Salvagnini Panel Bending | Sheet Metal Bending

Since 1977, sheet metal component manufacturer Hydram has been supplying metal products, metal parts and precision sheet metal fabrications from its 135,000 square foot facility in County Durham, UK.

Supplying many varied industries, Hydram has a broad range of experience and expertise to offer, particularly in Salvagnini panel bending, and other subcontract metal fabrication services.

Sheet metal panel bending is used to manufacture metal panels, metal cabinets and metal enclosures, including the panels used in heavy duty railway trackside location cases, and equipment cabinets for the power generation industry.

Complete sheet metal fabrications can be powder coated or wet painted to meet exact customer standards for corrosion resistance.  Depending on the size of the metal fabrication, three-stage or five-and-a-half-stage pre-treatment processes are used to ensure full degreasing and chemically-coating before painting.

Hydram Sheet Metalwork is one of the largest sheet metal fabrication companies in the UK, founded in 1977, and employing over 200 people.  Contact us to find out how we can help with your sheet metal fabrication project.