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Metalworking Capabilities

Fabrication Company Metalworking Capabilities

Sheet metal fabrication company Hydram Sheet Metalwork offers many subcontract services.  Working for a range of manufacturing industries in the UK and Europe, Hydram is one of the UK’s top sheet metal subcontractors.  Hydram offers the full range of metal fabrication services from profiling, forming, welding and fabrication, CNC machining, presswork and finishing, from its facility in County Durham.

Sheet Metal Profiling

Metal Profiles

Laser cutting and CNC punching are both offered by Hydram.  With capabilities up to 20mm in mild steel and fully automatic material handling with tower storage systems.

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metal forming

Metal Forming

With pressbrakes, Salvagnini metal panel bending, CNC rolling, tube bending and power presses, Hydram has all your metal forming needs covered.

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tubular fabrications

Tubular Metal Fabrications

From hand poles to metal furniture, luggage racks and material handling chassis components, Hydram’s tubular metalworking capabilites are complete.

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Panasonic welding robot making sparks

Metal Fabrication and Welding

Hydram offers manual MIG and TIG welding accredited to ISO and BS EN standards, high capacity robotic welding cells, stud welding, projection welding and spot welding.

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powder coated pressings

Finished Metal Components

With four powder coating plants, conveyor operations, automatic spray booths, and comprehensive pre-treatment, Hydram’s metal finishing capabilites are impressive.

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Assembly of sheet metal cabinet

Metalwork Assembly

Metalwork components, welded, painted, bolted, bonded and assembled together to provide the complete manufacturing service.

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metal presswork

Metal Presswork

Providing metal pressings and stampings in high volumes to several industry sectors, Hydram can supply parts complete, with welding and powder coating operations undertaken on site.

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CNC milling cutter close up

CNC Machining

With four vertical CNC machining centres and two CNC turning centres, Hydram offers precision machined parts, often supplied as components of larger fabricated products.

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Subcontract Metalworking

Hydram Sheet Metalwork is one of the largest sheet metal fabrication companies in the UK, founded in 1977, and employing over 200 people in its 135,000 square foot facility in County Durham.

Since then, the sheet metal manufacturer has been supplying metal products, metal components and precision sheet metal fabrication services to a wide range of market leading companies in industry sectors such as rail, public transport, lighting, furniture, earth-moving machinery and power generation.

With customers in many industries, Hydram has a broad range of experience to offer, and considerable metalworking capabilities, including metal profiling, forming and welding, backed up by ISO and other accreditations.

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