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ISO 14001:2015 – Environmentally Responsible Metal Fabrications

Environmental Responsibility in Metal Fabrications

Sheet metal fabrications company Hydram Sheet Metalwork carries out its activities and processes in an environmentally responsible manner and is certified to the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Standard, supplying accredited metal fabrications to manufacturing businesses.  Working for a range of customers and industry sectors, Hydram’s partners have benefitted from working with an ISO 14001 accredited sheet metal supplier since 2010.  From green power generation equipment to heat pump components, Hydram’s customers can be assured that they are working with a responsible, professional, experienced, supply chain partner.  Here, you can find out more about the background to Hydram’s engagement with Environmental Management Systems and ISO 14001 in particular.

ISO14001 Environment Standard

ISO 14001:2015

Led by a dedicated Environment, Health & Safety manager, Hydram Sheet Metalwork achieved the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Standard in 2010.  The metal fabrication company constantly reviews its progress against environmental performance targets which include pollution prevention, reducing its carbon footprint, minimising use of packaging, and waste segregation within its precision sheet metal fabrication business.

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ISO 14001 in Metal Manufacturing

ISO 14001 is part of a family of environment management systems (EMS) standards created by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) to provide businesses with a strategic approach to managing environmental responsibilities.  It provides a framework through which a business can measure and continually improve its environmental performance, and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

Third-party certification bodies confirm that businesses meet the requirements of ISO 14001 through a rigorous surveillance audit process and in Hydram Engineering’s case the third party is SGS UK Ltd.

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Environmental Sustainability in Metal Fabrication

Conforming to ISO 14001 can lead to benefits such as reduced cost of waste management, savings in consumption of energy and materials, and lower distribution costs.  The standard is an integral part of Hydram’s business plan and works around four main objectives:

  • To prevent pollution to water, land and air from the site
  • To monitor and reduce carbon footprint
  • To reduce the amount of packaging used
  • To reduce the amount of waste produced, diverting as much as possible away from landfill for reuse and recycling
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Why is ISO 14001 Good for Fabrication Companies?

In an age of increasing environmental awareness and global challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and resource depletion, all businesses have a role to play.  ISO 14001 is now seen as a prerequisite for sheet metal fabrication companies working with industrial customers on a subcontract basis.  The creation and maintenance of an Environmental Management System that conforms to international standards benefits both the business and its customers.  It signifies that the business takes responsibility for its own environmental impact by actively measuring and improving it, and assuring regulatory compliance.

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Environmental Policy Aims

Within Hydram’s policy, it is stated that the company will achieve its environmental aims by adhering to the following principles:

  • Complying with all applicable legal requirements and with other requirements which relate to its environmental aspects.
  • By the education and training of employees in the environmental issues and the environmental effects of their activities.
  • Employing management systems and procedures designed to prevent activities that pose a threat to the environment.
  • By striving to prevent releases to the atmosphere, land or water, Hydram will minimise the amount of waste generated and will ensure the safe treatment and disposal of waste.
  • Continually improving our environment performance and management systems through the development of objectives and targets.
  • Communicating and co-operating with employees, local authorities, suppliers and customers concerning the environmental implications of Hydram’s activities and improvement programs.

You can find the full Environmental Policy Here >

Hydram quality accreditations

Hydram’s Certifications

Hydram is certified to the following standards:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard
  • ISO 3834-2 Welding Standard
  • BS EN 15085-2 CL1 CWRVC Welding Standard
  • EN 17460 / DIN 6701 standard for adhesive bonding in rail industry
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Standard
  • ISO 45001:2018 Health and Safety

More accreditation information >

Standards Assurance in Metal Fabrication

Hydram’s ISO accreditations are assessed by SGS.  Find out more about the assessment process.