CNC Laser Cutting Metal Tube

Steel and Aluminium Tube Cutting Services

Hydram Sheet Metalwork provides a tube laser cutting service employing a dedicated tube cutting laser machine from BLM.  Hydram bought its first CNC tube laser machine in 2006 and a second in 2013 as its laser cut tube business became established.  Metal tube laser cutting services are just one provided by this large precision sheet metal fabrication company, including laser cutting sheet metal.

Laser cutting tube is a highly productive and flexible method of metal tube processing which is now finding applications in all industries.  Laser tube cutting machines are designed both to cut hole profiles and end profiles (mitres or cod mouths) on round, square, oval, triangular and other special section metal tubes.  Accurate laser profiling of highly complex shapes within the tube is possible.

Hydram regularly provides laser cut steel tube (mild and stainless steel) and aluminium tube laser cutting.

BLM tube laser cutting machine

Tube laser cutting benefits

Tube laser cutting eliminates all traditional marking out, sawing, drilling, deburring and shaping operations carried out with conventional tube processing.  Traditional fixed costs of punches, clamps, tools and jigs are also eliminated.

The tube laser machines are CNC controlled and programmed offline by 3D CADCAM software.  With full automatic loading of tube raw material lengths up to 8.5 metres, automatic processing and automatic offload, the process is highly productive.

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metal tube fabrication

Tube laser capacity

  • Tube handling raw material up to 8.5 metres long
  • Laser cut tube in round, square, rectangular, flat oval, triangular and special cross sections
  • Tube size from 12mm to 152mm up to 6mm wall thickness
  • Off-line CADCAM programming makes small batches economical to cut by laser
  • Automated tube handling for productivity on large batches
  • Weld seem detection system

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Metal components made by tube bending

Tube Bending

Metal fabricator Hydram also offers tube bending to complement its tube laser cutting service.  With CNC tube bending machinery offering variable radii and bend orientation, the process is repeatable and efficient, offering a complete tube fabrication solution.

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office furniture

Corporate Office Furniture Manufacture

Hydram manufactures metal components ranging from brackets and tubular pieces to fully painted and assembled fabrications such as chairs, benches and tables.  Finished metal fabrications manufactured by Hydram can be found in furniture from corporate offices, high street shops, schools and leisure complexes.

Laser Cut Steel Tube

Hydram provides laser cut steel tube as part of its metal manufacturing services, which include both sheet metal and tubular fabrications, in steel (mild and stainless steel) and aluminium.  The business was founded in 1977 and has grown thanks to its focus on customer service, quality and delivery, whilst remaining cost competitive.  A wide range of industry sectors are supplied, which extends the range of experience and expertise offered, and includes a comprehensive selection of accreditations and certifications overseen by international standards bodies.

Aluminium Tube Laser Cutting

Hydram Sheet Metalwork is one of the largest sheet metal fabrication companies in the UK, employing over 200 people, supplying metal products, metal components and precision sheet metal fabrications from its 135,000 square foot facility in County Durham.  Aluminium tube laser cutting is just one of the subcontract services provided, with many metal products powder coated on site prior to delivery.

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