Sheet Metal Folding and Panel Bending

Hydram Sheet Metalwork has a full range of precision metal forming facilities including CNC folding, CNC Salvagnini panel bending and NC rolling machines.  Hydram is part of the Dynamic Aerospace and Defence group based in the US which has particular expertise in roll forming, hydroforming and metal spinning.

Large radius pressbrake bending

CNC Bending Capacity

Hydram has a total of 14 Pressbrakes from Amada, Bystronic, CoastOne, Ermaksan and Trumpf which are rated up to 250 tonnes and are capable of bending up to 4 metre lengths in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.  On average over 100,000 folded products are produced per month.


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Salvagnini Panel Bender

In 2013 Hydram installed a Salvagnini P4Ee 2116 panel bending machine.  The Salvagnini panel bender’s ability to switch from one job to the next in seconds makes it such an ideal machine for a subcontract supplier such as Hydram Sheet Metalwork.  Being able to work through medium sized batches without having to change tools results in a great deal of time saved when it comes to sheet metal bending.

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Automated Panel Bending

Hydram also uses a Salvagnini P4Xe panel bender to complete its significant sheet metal folding capacity.  The Salvagnini machine can process panels up to a maximum of 2180 mm long and form bends up to 165 mm high.  The major selling point of the machine is that automatic tool changing means that there is zero set up time.  It can be programmed by importing dxf files using offline software or at the machine by entering parameters.

Pressbrake Experience

Hydram has been using pressbrakes for folding sheet metal components since it began trading in 1977.  Initially rectangular guillotine cut blanks were folded, but as time went by and the business grew, CNC punched, pressed blanks and now laser cut components are folded.

Trumpf 7036 pressbrakes

Metal Forming Experience

To assist in component design, Hydram has an advanced 3D CADCAM system to develop complex folded components and to model multiple-part assemblies.  CNC programs can be generated quickly offline and are stored electronically for future use.  The full range of metal forming facilities including CNC folding, panel bending and rolling.  Just part of Hydram’s precision sheet metal fabrication business.


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The Dynamic Metals Group

Hydram works closely with associate companies within the Dynamic Metals Group accessing knowledge and expertise across a wide range of industrial sectors.  Dynamic is a privately-owned business with its main headquarters in Michigan USA, comprising of a group of companies based in the US mid-west and the UK, having an established reputation specialising in the supply of precision metal components for the aerospace, defence, automotive and rail sectors.