Fully Armed with FARO QuantumM

Hydram Chooses the Latest FaroArm Inspection Arm

Quality is central to Hydram’s business philosophy. In addition to holding an impressive list of customer specific approvals, the business is certified to the ISO 9001 Quality Standard, the ISO 3834-2 and EN 15085-2 Welding Standards and the DIN 6701 standard for adhesive bonding related to the rail industry.

The mainstay of Hydram’s inspection function is the company’s collection of FaroArm, portable measuring arms. Having acquired its first measuring arm 13 years ago, the transition to FARO was made in 2015.  The outstanding performance of Hydram’s first FaroArm meant that, as the company grew further FARO models were purchased.

Prompted by an ever increasing volume of QC work and the further inspection activities that will be needed following the securing of a large contract, Hydram recently obtained the latest generation of FaroArm – the advanced QuantumM model. The company now boasts an impressive FARO collection that reflects the continuous evolution and technical development of the FaroArm range.

Hydram Quality Manager, Barry Edgar explained. “Since we bought our fist model, we have regarded our FaroArms as the ‘workhorses’ of our inspection department. Although, to ensure that we achieve best value and always obtain technically superior inspection equipment, before we made any of our FARO purchase, we carefully considered the alternatives.

“As with our previous FaroArm purchases, when judged against other makes and models of measuring arms, we considered our most recently installed FaroArm, a 2.5 meter capacity QuantumM with tactile probing, to be the superior option. In addition to its impressive accuracy specification, speed and ease of use, the QuantumM is extremely robust.

“When compared to previous generation FaroArms, we have been impressed by the range of enhancements made to the new QuantumM, that make it simpler to use and more productive.  For instance, the QuantumM is easy to manoeuvre as it is 20% lighter in the hand than previous FARO models, also, unlike our earlier FaroArms, it is always immediately ready to use as it requires no warm up time. On completion of a FARO measuring routine it helps that we can instantly archive the achieved results or print detailed customer reports.

“Although our new QuantumM FaroArm is now mainly used in our dedicated Inspection Department, its ability to perform full digital analysis and review the data in less than perfect conditions, enables it to be used across our entire shop-floor. Also, as we ordered a 2.5 meter capacity model, our new FaroArm is capable of inspecting the vast majority of even the largest of our fabrications.

“As we anticipated, our recently installed FaroArm has already made a significant contribution to the efficiency of our Inspection Department. Given the ease and speed of use of our new QuantumM, not only is it able to handle our current throughput of inspection work, it will also be able to handle the anticipated increases in production related to our large new contract.”

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