Dynamic Announces Creation of Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications

On June 10th 2019, The Dynamic Metals Group confirmed its acquisition of the aerospace division of Paul Fabrications.  The new company will begin trading as Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications Ltd (DAFL).

The Dynamic Metals Group (www.dynamicindustrial.com) is a privately-owned business with its main headquarters in Michigan, USA.  The new acquisition will join its existing portfolio of companies: Hydram Engineering in the UK; Dynamic Industries (SG) in Singapore; and Gem City Metal Technologies, Dynamic Metals and Dexter Stamping, based in the American mid-west.  All these companies have an established reputation, specialising in the supply of precision metal components for the aerospace, defence, automotive and rail sectors.

Paul Fabrications becomes Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications

Don Nystrom, the President of The Dynamic Metals Group said: “We are delighted that the aero division of Paul Fabrications has joined The Dynamic Metals Group.  Aerospace engineering goes right back to Dynamic’s origins in the US and there is a great synergy between the two businesses in respect of skill sets and customer portfolio.  It is natural that the new company inherits the Dynamic brand as it moves forward.”

David Greatorex, Managing Director of sister company Hydram Engineering, said: “It is great to see the expansion of Dynamic’s ambition in the UK.  Hydram has been part of The Dynamic Group for 12 months and we have seen strong commitment to continued improvement and investment that has underpinned our success.  The opportunities for Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications are considerable.”

Alistair Bools, Senior Supplier Management Executive Installations for Rolls Royce said:  “The Dynamic Group is an important part of our supply chain, and following its acquisition of Paul Fabrications, we look forward to working with them even more closely in the future.”

About Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications

Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications, a former division of Paul Fabrications, has a long history supplying precision sheet metal and machined metal products and assemblies for the aerospace and power generation industries.  Using advanced manufacturing and engineering expertise, Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications produces components for demanding applications such as aero gas turbines, aircraft structures and land-based turbines, and supplies to market-leading companies in these sectors.


About The Dynamic Group

The Dynamic Group has its main headquarters in Michigan, USA.  It consists of a group of tightly coordinated companies particularly renowned for excellence in metal forming and fabrication, including roll forming, hydroforming, metal spinning and stamping.  Its customers include aerospace, defence, automotive, rail and earthmoving equipment manufacturers.  This is Dynamic’s second acquisition in the UK and is positioned to be the group’s platform for further growth in the aerospace sector in the UK and Europe.

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