CNC Laser Profiling Sheet Metal

Subcontract Laser Cutting Company

Hydram Sheet Metalwork’s CNC laser cutting service offers a fast, flexible and economical means of precision sheet metal cutting and plate profiling.  Subcontractor Hydram bought its first CNC laser profiling machine in 1997 and has continually upgraded its capabilities to keep up with technological advances, with fiber sources and automation systems.  Subcon laser cutting services are just one of many subcontract engineering services offered by this top precision fabrication company.

Laser cutting sparks

Laser cutting capacity

Hydram can laser cut up to 20 mm thick mild steel, “clean cut” up to 12mm thick in stainless steel and 10mm in aluminium.  With three Bystronic laser cutting machines, all with 3 metre x 1.5 metre sheet metal capacity and automated loading and unloading systems Hydram’s precision laser cutters have the capacity to meet your needs.

tubelaser sparks

Tube laser cutting

Laser cutting tube is a highly productive and flexible method of tube processing, with machines designed both to cut hole profiles and end profiles (mitres or cod mouths) on round, square, oval, triangular and other special section tubes.  Accurate laser cutting of highly complex shapes within the tube is possible.

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Remmert handling system

Tower storage facilities

All Hydram’s laser cutting and punching machines are connected to tower storage systems with 3 metre x 1.5 metre sheet metal capacity to provide automated loading and unloading.   The Remmert tower for our Fiber machines enables full automation with both laser cut part and scrap removal is available for unmanned operation.  Hydram’s precision laser cutting services has the capacity to meet your needs.

Fiber Laser Systems

Fiber Laser Machines

Hydram uses the latest fiber laser machines from Bystronic.  Thinner sheet metal can be cut particularly quickly with fiber lasers due to the extremely high power density in the cutting zone.  The higher power density also enables oxide-free cutting of mild steel up to 4mm thick using nitrogen, eliminating the need for the oxide scale to be removed on the cut edge before painting.

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Laser cutting benefits

The benefits of laser cutting metal are its flexibility, economy and rapid turn round.

Laser profiling offers supreme flexibility, handling profiles from the simplest of components to shapes of almost limitless complexity – it is suitable for both pre-production samples and production batches.  This ability to laser cut complex profiles can eliminate the need for additional operations.

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CADCAM nesting

Part nesting

The narrow laser cut width, zero clamping strip and computer-assisted part nesting allows maximum material utilisation.  Coupled with short lead times and zero tooling costs, laser cutting is a highly attractive and economical means of profiling sheet metal and plate.

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The Dynamic Metals Group

Hydram works closely with associate companies within the Dynamic Metals Group accessing knowledge and expertise across a wide range of industrial sectors.  Dynamic is a privately-owned business with its main headquarters in Michigan USA, comprising of a group of companies based in the US mid-west and the UK, having an established reputation specialising in the supply of precision metal components for the aerospace, defence, automotive and rail sectors.